Order Acceptance:

All orders are subject to final approval and acceptance by Gj Wireless, All orders remain the property of Gj Wireless unless the customer pays the items in full and is accepted by Gj Wireless. Once accepted you will receive conformation and shipping information. Gj Wireless has the right to refuse service to anyone. We reserve the right to cancel any order at any time.
Product Inspection:
All items shipped are inspected for customer satisfaction however, customer is advised to check the ordered goods with in 7 days of arrival and must notify of any issues either by email or phone. NO EXCEPTIONS!
Sorry No refunds! We take pride in quality product and will happily exchange defective product with in 14 days with original box and accessories. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Once the product is returned to Gj Wireless, its representative will inspect the product and process the necessary steps for exchange.
All unlocking will be processed right away. There is no way for us to reverse the unlocking once submitted. Please allow the specified time for the unlock process and you will be notified of any delay is any.
Gj Wireless will make every effort to ship the merchandise as soon as possible. We are not responsible for orders not shipped out on the date of order. All orders will be made via UPS or USPS. A signature conformation will be required for the safety of customer and seller.
We accept Pay pal and all major credit cards.
All Payments once made will be posted with in 15 minutes to 24 hours.  Once payment made cannot be reversed.  Please submit the correct phone number, we are not responsible for submitting the wrong number.  If submitted the wrong number the money will be lost and no refunds will be issued.



There is limited warranty on any products purchased at Gj Wireless.  Limited warranty does not cover for phone damage and/or car damage due to use of Gj Wireless's product.  Any defective accessories will be exchanged within 14 days.  We are not responsible for any physical damage to any accessories while normal use.  Must provide a reciept and item in its original packaging while exchanging.




All New cell phones comes with a one year manufacture's warranty.  There is no additional warranty from Gj Wireless, Unless purchased separately.  All refurbished phones comes with a 30 day limited warranty.  Product will be exchanged with same or equal value.  Limited warranty does not cover any physical abuse, water damaged, hardware or software upgrades etc...  All refurbished phones are tested to 100% satisfaction before shipped / purchased.


By using this website, I have read and understood the above statements. I agree to follow the guidelines stated above.